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Dog agility is a sport where the dog navigates a series of obstacles at the direction of the handler. It's good mental stimulation for the dog, and good exercise for the handler. But mostly, it's fun!

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May 7, 2005 NADAC Trial in St Cloud

May 20, 2005 Fun Match in Savage

May 21, 2005 Canine Carnival in Forest Lake

April 2, 2005 CPE Trial in Jordan

April 2, 2005 Zac Earns First CPE Title

Past Events:

Q-tip: Looking forward to your first agility fun match?

Be prepared with these few easy suggestions. [More...]

Zoe, Zac and Abby enjoy the warmth and sunshine the day after Thanksgiving.


Zac occassionally herds sheep to keep in shape for his agility trials.

Jeff and I adopted a Sheltie puppy, last July, from Whispering Echoes Kennel. Zoe's an active little girl, from both conformation and performance lines.

Along with training and trialing the two older dogs, Zoe has kept us very busy and active.